Moss Rocks
Moss Rocks

Moss Rocks

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Our first ever Yoga Rocks in a beautiful shade of Moss Green!

Yoga Rocks attach with a user friendly, peel and stick adhesive. They roll right up with your mat and go where you go! 


100% Silicone

Height: 1 inch

Base Width: 2.8 inches

Weight: ~2 oz each

This new tool provides instant activation throughout the muscles of the hands to support strong wrist, forarm, and shoulder stability. You will feel the opportunity to connect more fully to your alignment, your mat, and your entire upper body as you heighten your awareness for how you move, activate, and successfully build strength.

Designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners, their versatility is sure to take your practice further.

*Not designed to support your entire body weight but rather guide you to activate!

*Will adhere semi-permanently to most yoga mats-cloth applications not recommended. 

*Can be removed with boiling water and a little love.