1.How do Yoga Rocks work!?

-Yoga Rocks give you a way to activate your body weight through the pointer fingers and thumbs, or inner hands. This sparks supportive structure through the wrists and forearms (and beyond) and lightens the weight in the heels of the hands. Yoga Rocks provide strength, stability, consistency, and full body integration.  

2.How do Yoga Rocks attach?

-A peel and stick adhesive that requires 24hrs to bond with your yoga mat laying flat. *Mat prep required

3. Can I use regular table salt to prep my mat for adhesion? 

-No, it must be a course salt in order to remove factory films and body oils and prepare for optimal adhesion. New mats need extra scrubbin'!

4. What if my hands are too big or too small?

-Yoga Rocks are a universal size in hopes of working for most people. The larger your hand, the greater the gap will be between the webbing of the hands and the Yoga Rocks themselves. They are adaptable to both your size, unique grip, and angle of the hand.

5. How long will my Yoga Rocks last? 

-2-10 years. This depends on use and care. The Yoga Rocks themselves will not expire, but extreme weather or prolonged use may require a new adhesive. The more time they lay flat or are used in practice, the longer they will hold! 

6. Can I remove them if I don’t like them?

-Yes, Yoga Rocks create a semi-permanent bond to your mat that can be removed with boiling water and a little patience, leaving your mat undamaged. Simply pour boiling water over the edge of the Yoga Rock, gently encouraging it to separate from your mat. Continue as needed. Adhesive may require a gentle scrapping to remove completely. Residue is possible. 

7. Are Yoga Rocks heat and water resistant? 

-Yes, feel free to take them to hot yoga! They pair incredibly with a yoga towel as well for ultimate grip. *Not meant to be submerged and may be effected by extreme heat.  

8. What if I need a new adhesive?

-Contact us at support@theyogarocks.com and we will be happy to help.

9. What mats work best with Yoga Rocks?

-SMOOTH and USED mats work best for adhesion and durability but most mats work very well! New mats need a little extra prep time to remove factory films. Here are some examples until Yoga Rocks makes their own sustainable mat! 

LuluLemon Arise Mat 

Everyday Yoga + Hugger Mugger Mats @yogaoutlet.com

Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

Aquanimous Cork Mat *Favorite of the Yoga Rock's team!

Manduka eKO yoga Mat

Manduka Pro 

Gaiam Mats

 10. Why aren't they already attached to the mat?

-They are meant to accommodate each person's unique shoulder width and therefore meticulous hand placement and alignment.

11. Why do they adhere to the mat? 

-We want to encourage meticulous hand placement and consistent activation providing effective progression in your practice. Also, this way they go where you go, and never get lost in a gym bag.

12. Can I roll my mat with the rocks on it?

-YES! Absolutely. We recommend practicing with your rocks before the first roll.

13. Can I stick them to multiple mats? 

-Sorry peeps, no. They are meant to stay on your mat for meticulous hand placement and activation. Yoga is repetitive, we want that strong alignment every time. You can always remove with boiling water and reapply to a new mat with a new adhesive!

14. Can I get them without an adhesive? 

-Not for now... Yoga Rocks are designed to stick to your mat, creating a strong connection and consistency in placement. Plus you'll never lose them!

16. What if I dont want to use them?

-The great thing is, you have options. If you want to take a break, simply move your hands back one inch... or even turn your mat around! They can be removed with boiling water if needed.*See #6