Instructional Video


When practicing yoga, our tendency is to place the majority of our body weight on the heels of the hands. This puts pressure on the wrist joint and causes muscular disconnect.

Squeezing the Yoga Rock between your pointer finger and thumb, you can activate the hand and instantly feel an offering to lift and lighten in the heel of the palm.

As they guide you to firm into the inner hand, you can then work to more easily firm into the base of each knuckle, connecting the entire hand to the mat.  

This activation allows you to utilize the muscles of the hands and forearms, supporting the wrists as well as supportive overall structure.

Forearm activation requires hand activation.

*We suggest a bit of space between the crook of your hand and the Yoga Rock itself for optimal placement, and to insure you are activating rather than using the Yoga Rocks to passively hold your body weight.

Keep in mind your relationship with your Yoga Rocks will grow over time as they encourage awareness for how you move and build strength. 

Give yourself time to adjust to new muscles working in new ways. Yoga Rocks will call on your effort, but reward you with safe alignment and continuous, positive progression in your practice.


Beginner or pro, Yoga Rocks offer a way to activate strength and align