How To Attach

1. PREP YOUR MAT: Sprinkle sea salt generously across the placement area. Scrub gently but thoroughly for several seconds using a small amount of water and your bare hand. When finished wipe away all salt using a damp rag. Dry COMPLETELY. (Blow dryer or sunshine can help!) 
*Be aware new mats need extra scrub time to remove factory films.

2. Position the Yoga Rocks shoulder-width apart and 6-8 inches from the top edge of your mat.

3. Squeezing the Yoga Rocks between your pointer fingers and thumbs, test your positioning from Table-Top, Down Dog, and Plank poses and adjust as needed. Some may prefer a slight tilt of the Yoga Rocks inwards or out. 

4. Mark or outline your Yoga Rocks placement on all 3 sides.

5. Carefully remove the backing from one Yoga Rock to expose the adhesive.

6. Line up the Yoga Rock with your outline.

7. Press down firmly onto the center of the Yoga Rock, then out to all sides and edges.
Repeat steps 5-7 for second Yoga Rock.

8. Let your mat LAY FLAT FOR 24 HOURS for the adhesive to fully attach. 



• Yoga Rocks are NOT designed to support your entire body weight but rather to guide you to activate! 

• Yoga Rocks will adhere semi-permanently to most mats and work for most people’s beautiful bodies. Cloth applications not recommended.

• Should you need to remove your Yoga Rocks for any reason, simply contact us for at home instructions or review our FAQs page.